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Jacket of Enping 15-1 Central Platform for Enping Oilfield Cluster Successfully Launched and Accurately Positioned


On June 28, 2022, the jacket of Enping 15-1 central platform constructed by COOEC as the general contractor was installed offshore in Enping Oilfield Cluster in the Pearl River Mouth Basin, marking a critical step forward in China’s first offshore carbon capture, utilization and storage (CCUS) demonstration project. The successful installation of this jacket is of great strategic significance for promoting the green development of offshore oil and gas fields.

The jacket of the Enping 15-1 central platform weighs 18,000 tons. The construction of the jacket was completed in 11 months, which is only two-thirds of the normal construction time for jackets with the same weight. Through 18 hours’ continuous operation during offshore installation, the jack was safely launched, centralized, and accurately positioned.

CCUS is an internationally recognized technology that can effectively reduce carbon emissions, and it is one of the key technologies for achieving the “dual carbon” goals. As China’s first offshore CCUS demonstration project, compared with land storage, Enping Oilfield offshore CCUS project has more unique advantages than onshore project. These advantages include easy site selection, high safety level, low environmental impact, and large storage scale. In cooperation with domestic manufacturers and suppliers, COOEC has focused on tackling key technological challenges, achieved complete localization of key equipment for offshore carbon dioxide storage, developed offshore CCUS technology systems and packaged equipment, accumulated management experiences in respect of offshore CCUS, and thereby explored a new path for achieving China’s carbon dioxide peaking and carbon neutrality goals and promoting the green development of offshore oil and gas fields.